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Intentional Creativity® Coach Certification Training
Nine-month adventure starting March 1st, 2022


Your Online Voyage of Awakening Consciousness by Choice.
Designed to empower you, so that you can empower others!  

Online Visual Coach Certification Training

A revolutionary approach to the coaching process, accessible to all professionals in search of high-impact visual methods to meet their clients’ needs in an entirely new way.

Welcome to Motherboard!

Your Online Voyage of Awakening Consciousness by Choice.

Designed to empower you, so that you can empower others!  

Online Visual Coach Certification Training

A revolutionary approach to the coaching process, accessible to all professionals in search of high-impact visual methods to meet their clients’ needs in an entirely new way.

Welcome to Motherboard!

Visuals, Vision, Visionary

Our visual coach training is designed to empower you to level up your practice by leveraging the power of working visually, using language and images on a journey to access greater clarity and grow exponentially in consciousness.

Inquiry + Image + Language + Color = Access

This unique training takes you deep into the principles and application of Intentional Creativity® in service of process: Your own and your clients’. Our experiential cutting-edge teachings and tools will help you connect to your own material while guiding you to help your clients do the same. 

Intention, Awareness, Curation

We curate environments, experiences and relationships with intention, love, and care. Our coaches honor and celebrate client wholeness and agency while building trust to grow in awareness, access, and activated choice.

Community, Connection, Inclusion

We are a global gathering of women forming an empowering close-knit community walking the path of awakening consciousness by choice.

Guided by
Shiloh Sophia & The Intentional Creativity Guild

What if you could access your Internal Source Code and empower your clients to do the same?

Introduction from Shiloh Sophia
Co-Founder of Intentional Creativity®  

This Training is designed for visual practitioners, process professionals, therapists, artists, and educators who want to up-level their impact, offerings, and results using the emergent and ancient technology of working visually. 

Imagine taking those you serve on an empowering creative voyage to amplify, illuminate, and manifest an extraordinary future!  

We are gathering a global group of inspired women who are ready for the next adventure in their life work!

You are invited to become a Certified Intentional Creativity® Coach

Introducing MOTHERBOARD : Intentional Creativity® Coach Certification. An evolutionary approach to working with others individually or in groups, designed to empower you to efficiently and effectively catalyze your client’s process and enhance their results. They become accountable for their own results, awakening insight, intuition, and inspiration. You get to guide, witness, and celebrate these developments. Pretty amazing, right? This is why you are in a line of work that helps people - because you want to see change in the world. 

We will empower you to help in a truly astonishing and revolutionary way: imagination is the key to freedom of self-expression! In our curriculum, 'coaching' simply refers to the act of holding space and guiding process for another. Most of us do it all the time, intuitively through our desire to serve. We will bring both structure and freedom, form and flow into our collaborative voyage.

Do you feel energized thinking about how you can serve those who want to dance on the edge of embodied self-expression? Does the idea of learning the technology of metacognitive consciousness perk the ears of your muse? This method can help you refresh your approach, enliven your business and create alignment between your inner and outer worlds.

A Call to Gather the Initiates

You might be wondering who this is for...and is it a fit for you?

Image by Lori Danyluk, Intentional Creativity Teacher and Visual Coach

Do you know yourself to be a gifted healer, coach, visual practitioner, or change-maker and you have a sense that you could be doing much more to help your clients get EVEN GREATER RESULTS?

You may also be ready to upgrade your operating system of helping/healing, both in your own life and the lives of your clients, so you and they can experience MORE FREEDOM and SELF EXPRESSION.

Most of us don’t know how to truly access this ‘place’ within ourselves, our unique 'source code' - that which makes us WHO WE ARE in the seen and unseen realms.

We do! In this training, you will discover how to access and reconnect your inner and outer worlds for optimal alignment and clarity, which your clients will FEEL as you interact with each other.

We have already used this method with thousands of people since 2013. Children, adults, and elders alike have gained access to a way of working that is both deeper and higher, creating belonging, connection, and resilience. 

Over the course of this Intentional Creativity® Coach Certification, we will provide you with modules, practices, processes, and masterminds designed to further your OWN awakening.  

Even if you have already done so much of your own work, our methods will guide you to the next level. 

As soon as you are comfortable with the material and have demonstrated competency, you will be able to use it with your clients. Once you get some practice in place, the information seems so obvious and can be seamlessly incorporated into your work. We will even help you jump-start your practice and integrate what you have discovered into your offers. 

These exclusive teachings were developed directly through the work of the Intentional Creativity co-founders, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud, and are only available to MOTHERBOARD students.

Every single time this process helps me and amazes me. I love it so much. This work… It’s so totally different, indeed, than just writing things out like I used to, as I racked my brain for ideas. This has changed everything for and the way information comes to me.

...I’m so thrilled at how this works and how information seems to come so naturally and easily, and feels like it’s happening without even “thinking”. Are you excited about this? How could this be?!... It's not "beautiful" (well, to me it is because the experience was) Info just started flowing easily for me and I knew what stood out the most that I definitely want to teach first. Most metacognitive drawing processes we do can give us so much information that we can end up with what seems like so much “bonus” information and ideas for the future too. I was thrilled in realizing that it didn’t seem that I did any “thinking”. Just allowing. It felt fun and easy. ~ Janel Wilcox, Intentional Creativity Coach

A message from Shiloh Sophia

Welcome from Intentional Creativity® Co-Founder

Dear One, ​  

If you long to make a difference in the lives of those you are serving, then you are in the right place to gain access to fresh material.

Our coaching curriculum demonstrates how to make knowledge visible and how to think in new and exciting ways. As part of your discovery process, you will alter the way you think, see, listen, and work. After practicing, you will bring those insights to your clients and further enhance their outcomes. The material is relevant individually and in groups, online, or in person.  

Is it possible for consciousness to be chosen or called forth? What do you think?  

Those of us with generous hearts to heal the world often seek to uplevel our own information.​ ​​We continually want to help and evolve our capacities. Our desire for wisdom is insatiable!​

The healers of the world are innovating right on the edge of the paradox, passion, and possibility! This is an exciting time in an emergent field where science, creativity, and spirit are dancing together​ in co-creation.​  

The philosophy behind this material is my joy! If we start when my love affair with text and image began, that will take us back to my childhood. Then, as a young woman in my twenties, I created my first book, Color of Woman: an illustrated journal. As an artist, teacher, and coach I have been devoted to bringing image into our hands to tell stories for 25 years. Our lineage, spanning back to the 1930s, is rooted in the power of image and language being employed to communicate the potency of ideas central to human beings.  

Love is inherent in the desire to 'coach' one another which is why it is time to bring it into the world of Intentional Creativity. To encourage others to arrive at their own place of discovery is an act of loving in action. I am called to gather those who know it is their charge to bring their gifts to the world!  

In MOTHERBOARD, our Intentional Creativity approach holds that each person carries their own medicine. Some of us have the special assignment to guide others to remember that medicine and to put it to good use.  

The name, 'MOTHERBOARD' is a metaphoric bridge between inner and outer awareness. This bridge acknowledges that you have your own unique information that we call your source code. It sounds fancy, right? Really it is quite simple, and it is a playful way to work with personal stories and the human experience.  

I'm inviting you to add this method to your already robust toolbox, magic purse, and medicine basket. By doing so, you can expand how effectively you work when you start including the right and left brain, the heart, energy psychology, creative practice, and intuition. We often hear that those who are called to work with us, 'feel it in their body', 'know it in their heart' or 'have been waiting for this'.

By becoming a member of Motherboard, you enter into a circle of women who are high-level, innovative creative beings. Surrounding yourself with these minds is going to take you somewhere you could not go alone. If this voyage calls to you...I look forward to riding the experience with you. Let's make the invisible, visible!" With so much gratitude for those of us bringing this work to our beloveds!

Founders & Faculty

We have assembled a diverse team of faculty and support staff to assist you throughout your Motherboard journey.

You do not walk alone!


Shiloh Sophia  

 Jonathan McCloud

Shiloh Sophia McCloud has been working in the arts and education field since 1994. She teamed up with her partner in business and in life, Jonathan McCloud to combine online education, as well as travel and cuisine to the collection of offerings. Together the two founded Mothership Inc. in 2016 and the Intentional Creativity Foundation in 2017, a 501c3. MUSEA is the overarching brand for their collective projects and communities, including MOTHERBOARD.

Come read a message from Shiloh Sophia!


Amy Ahlers, Director of Coaching 

Annette Wagner, Guest Teacher

Chatelle Jeram: Guest Teacher

Dina Tibbs, Core Faculty

Elsie Chang, Guest Teacher

Jenafer C. Owen, Director of Curriculum

Julie Steelman, Core Faculty

Katherine Torrini, Core Faculty

Lauren Weatherford
BIPOC Community Faculty

Mary MacDonald
Lead Coach

Semerit Strachan
BIPOC Community Faculty

Uma Joy
Community Faculty

Sophia Michaud, Community Faculty

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Intentional Creativity Faculty

The Intentional Creativity Guild is made up of women who have done their own work, completed one or more Intentional Creativity certification trainings, and are committed to bringing this work to their communities. The faculty and staff of MOTHERBOARD : Intentional Creativity Method Coaching Certification are drawn from the Guild membership.

The GUILD is a community of graduates in organic inquiry together about our work, both personally and professionally. It is a circle which creates a crucible for our wisdom, success, resources, collaborations, movement, and potential. The focus of our guild is to support intentional creatives and women creatives.