MOTHERBOARD: Intentional Creativity® Method Coach Certification

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Welcome! We are honored you are interested in exploring our Intentional Creativity Coach Training, a six-month online immersion into the power of Visual Language and Metacognitive Drawing to serve your beloveds, clients and students in a revolutionary way.

This website covers the Who, What, Where, When and Why of our training. We invite you to take some time, perhaps with a cuppa' and learn what this Certification Training is all about.

Right here is a great place to start!

If you would like to experience Visual Language with Shiloh Sophia, you are invited to a complimentary Intentional Creativity® Class: HUMAN CODEX on July 21st. You can watch LIVE or Later.

Gather with our Global Community of Women Creatives. Using BIG paper and pens, let's see what we create together!

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If you have a question or need support, you are welcome to email MUSEA Communications Director, Sarah Mardell at

A cuppa tea is waiting for you. Come on in!