Greetings! Motherboard enrollment is currently closed. Click here to be informed about this training and when applications open again for 2021.


MOTHERBOARD Intentional Creativity® Coach Certification 

A 6-month Online Training. Enrollment will open again in 2021.

Students who feel comfortable using the coaching method you learn in Motherboard can begin coaching clients DURING the training. This means you can begin making your investment back over our six-months together.

And, we will say this training is truly PRICELESS. What you learn, which you then pass along to your own clients, students and beloveds is life-changing for everyone involved. Our students have told us how grateful they are to be a part of something that truly matters during this wild ride of 2020. That having a positive focus that brings them JOY and purpose has made a huge difference in how they are navigating these times.

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Ohhh I'm feeling good ladies! This past weekend, I had 2 Intentional Creativity coaching sessions with new clients for my Motherboard certification, and it was electric! They both had tremendous insights, and brand new perspectives on their situations. It was so exhilarating to be present to this; Intentional Creativity is pure magic! I felt an ecstatic overflow of energy throughout the sessions, so pure icing on the cake! Thank you for reminding us of the potent possibility that creativity holds, Shiloh. ~ Natalie LaBonte, Intentional Creativity Coach

Women are gathering from all over the world!

Will you join us?

Red Thread Circle in Paris, France led by Brune Yvrande

We are truly excited to connect with you and are thrilled about the potential of having you with us for MOTHERBOARD!

Here are suggestions for the best experience. Please read BEFORE you begin the application so you can be prepared: 

Filling out the Interview and Application may take up to an hour, depending on how much you share with us. We hope that just filling out the application can be a discovery process for you and that you will take your time. This is not a test and is not about how well you write. Bring it from the heart. 

You cannot save your work due to privacy laws. HOWEVER, you can simultaneously have a document open and copy your answers so you have them in case of an issue with the internet or the platform. We suggest using a desktop computer as SOME have been able to manage with a hand-held/phone, but some have not and have lost their work. We cannot offer support for portable devices throughout the course.  

There is a $100 Deposit at the completion of the application. This deposit goes towards your future investment. By applying you are stating your intent to be considered for the training, and if accepted, to join us on our journey for September 10, 2020. If you are not accepted, your fee will be refunded. Your decision to submit the application will come at the end of the process. 

How the application and acceptance process works:

  • Your first step is to apply for the Core Online Training, which is $5,997 USD.
  • You will then be invited to request an appointment to speak with a graduate if you choose.
  • You will hear from our team within three days regarding your acceptance into the training.
  • Upon enrollment, you will be invited to reserve your spot with a deposit of $1,397, which can be made in 2 or 4 installments if needed. The remaining balance can be financed for as low as $212/month for 24 months.

We are truly grateful for your interest in working together. The curriculum that has gone into this training has been in development for over 25 years, and this is the distillation. If curating your own consciousness sparks your imagination, then let's get going! We have wonderful work to do together! 

How do I ask a question?  

Sarah Mardell is your contact for most questions: - whether logistical, about tuition, the application or curriculum. 

If your question is personal and you wish to connect with Shiloh Sophia directly, you can email her at

We can't wait to learn more about you! ​Registration information is provided upon acceptance of your application.

Image created by Graphic Recorder, Katherine Torrini

I completed my Motherboard Certification. The team did a great job putting it together. What has been created in the field changes lives and was thought-provoking. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Shiloh Sophia and the entire Motherboard staff. ~ Karen Schweitzer, Intentional Creativity Coach