Certification and Guild

Graduates are invited to our Global Guild Community

For certification, you will submit your assignments, which demonstrate your understanding of the work and competency. We will ask that you complete a total of six practice sessions - some of which are done with peers in the training. You will also need to complete an Intentional Creativity Coach Exam demonstrating your awareness of core teachings from the course modules. There is a $250 Certification Fee. You will have access to all materials for one year from the start of your training. MOST of the relevant materials are available for downloading and for you to keep.

We currently have over 350 Teachers and Coaches as part of the Intentional Creativity Guild, many of which meet monthly to continue exploring the work. We also LOVE meeting in person when we can! Here is a photo from the Artist Gathering for Color of Woman 2019. Guild members came together to support current students.

Once you are Certified we will provide a graphic for you to add to your materials and website showing you are certified. You will receive a signed certificate. You will be invited to participate in the Graduation Ceremony, more details on that to come! Even if you can't come to the entire gathering, you are still invited to attend the Graduation day.

Here are sample graphics from our Certifications that Graduates use on their websites and promotional materials

You will be added to the global Intentional Creativity Directory & Map so that people can find you who are looking for this work. We will announce YOU to our greater community of Intentional Creativity to honor your completion and celebrate you and your work!

Here is our map today, with over 350 Certified Intentional Creativity Teachers, as well as Red Thread Guides world-wide.

Through Motherboard, I have clarity around how I can powerfully serve my beloveds. I was able to build on what I learned in Radiance, and feel confident in moving forward with program development. Also, I am claiming my innate and powerful ability to hold space for and guide my beloveds through their transformation. ~ Caroline Miskenack, Intentional Creativity Coach and Teacher