Motherboard Intentional Creativity®
Coaching Method

Certification Training Overview

MOTHERBOARD is an emergent Metacognitive Drawing and image-based coaching method for identifying, catalyzing and organizing your ‘motherboard.’ Motherboard in this case refers to the set of conditions, beliefs, concepts, and values that inform your identity and how you live in the world. Our hope for you is that you gain deeper access to your own consciousness, and develop a powerful, unique and integrated Metacognitive Consciousness toolkit that you can use with your own coaching clients.

We will work together through virtual mediums including circles, masterminds, sharing our work and peer to peer coaching. You will be also be invited to work on one large painting throughout the Motherboard journey as a blessing for you, and a way of truly experiencing the power of Intentional Creativity. 

So many trainings are rooted in concept, ideas, and structures without providing or requiring actual personal experience, practice and integration. Throughout the Motherboard training, we provide an opportunity for you to truly EXPERIENCE the material in form-based ways. By this we mean you make something in form/matter with your hands informed by your mind and heart. This is one of the most powerful ways to deeply integrate what you are learning, thereby shaping you into an impactful coach.

As a part of the Motherboard Curriculum Delivery you will:

  • Create and keep a Visual Journal  
  • Design a Lexicon of Visual Language deck  
  • Create personalized graphics and icons that can serve as teaching tools with clients
  • Create effective coaching templates to use over and over again
  • Learn to tell story through image with simple but powerful processes involving pen and paper
  • Learn how to digitize your hand-drawn graphics and icons into effective online marketing images
  • Practice image-based coaching with your Motherboard peers in real time
  • Tap into the power of metacognitive drawing practices to access and reflect on consciousness
  • Discover how to intuitively 'source' information from within for yourself and in your coaching sessions
  • Journey through one large Intentional Creativity Method painting that is a translation of your 'Motherboard' (no experience needed, and not required for Certification)

In this video Shiloh Sophia shares a little bit about the ideas behind the work and how it is a tool for waking up!

Motherboard Intentional Creativity Coaching Practices

Intentional Creativity Coaching is designed to be a collaborative process between you and your client in the service of raising self awareness. It specifically employs imagination, which may include visioning, drawing, journaling and graphic recording engaged in by both coach and client. Together the two of you create a Collaborative Field in which you are working together - it is the energy overlap from the biofield of each person and how they interact.

Our coaches provide an experiential approach to metacognitive consciousness - thinking about thinking - so the client may have access to their own information and deeper layers of awareness. There is also an element of mutuality inherent in Intentional Creativity Coaching, as the coach invites the client to share in an experiential process with them. This expands the Collaborative Field capacity exponentially, creating space for new possibilities.

Below is a list of the some of our Motherboard Coaching practices that you will be introduced to and supported in developing over the course of the Motherboard training.

Motherboard Coaching Practices

Philosophy: We bring Intentional Creativity to each conversation, no matter what the topic or timing, because we are aware that creativity creates the framework of greatest access to the client and the coach. 

Science: We are aware of the basic science behind bringing the right brain and left brain together with the heart for greatest access. We are prepared to explain the science to the client to inspire them to bring the tools forward. We know the brain pattern is to reach for information from the past, but that our way of working invites the client to think into the present and the future. We are also aware of the concepts of the field, electromagnetism of the heart, and how the field of the heart receives information.

Wholeness Alignment: We see the client as whole - including their somatic, energetic, psychological and electromagnetic (field) components as well as their unique inner guidance system or truest voice. By understanding the client’s wholeness in this way and seeing them as whole already, we are more equipped to notice what the client may not be seeing.

Curating Sacred Space: We create and curate Sacred Space for our clients. This is an energetic space we hold, a container in which the experience of coaching is taking place. This may or may not be spoken or made obvious to the client. Creating Sacred Space is a skill that creates a more powerful capacity for transformation.

Active Listening: We bring our full presence to our clients throughout the session. We are present with our clients and their field as well as being clear with them that we are in a shared or Collaborative Field anytime we work together. When we are coaching we are committed to being as present with our client as possible. We reflect back to them what we are hearing so that they feel fully seen and heard. We know that the quality of the listening we bring will guide the quality of our client’s capacity to speak truth.

Curious Presence: We come with curiousity as an approach to the session which invites an element of imagination, as well as activates and expands part of our mental cognition so we can both see different things. We put aside our assumptions and invite curiosity, which allows us to be fully present. We know that our quality of Curious Presence will invite our client to discover more about their own truth.

Visual Thinking: We use visual thinking in our approach to working with others and invite our clients to use visual thinking as the way to access their information. We introduce this framework as an innovative approach to coaching, while pointing out that visuals are used in EVERY form of life, commerce, adverstising print media. 

Drawing: We are prepared to use different forms of drawing with our clients to get the juices flowing or as a form of meditation. Metacognitive Drawing is our main practice. Drawing can be understood as both an opener to insight, but also a way for the coach and client to 'see' that picture worth a thousand words. Drawing brings forth the subconscious and often surprises us. Drawing is something we must practice continuously as coaches in order to be able to best support our clients when in processs with us, offering many images they can work with.

Powerful Questions: We ask our clients Powerful Questions which are open-ended questions (vs. yes or no questions) that lead our clients to an expanded experience of their own truth. When see that when we ask a Powerful Question our client will be more likely to feel deeply engaged and go directly to more potent insights.

Awareness: We have awareness of the potential features or tools we can use when working with clients or groups and are prepared to bring them into play. Before a session we review what might be brought into the session, intuitively drawing forth what calls to us while we are in the session. 

Focused Inquiry: We also bring catalyzing questions to our clients that lead to deeper access. These Focused Inquiries cannot be answered in the moment, but rather need to be marinated in and fully engaged with through curiosity as if shining a flashlight on them. We arrive at our Focused Inquiries by intuiting the field of our clients and determining what will take them further down the path of access.

Intuition: First and foremost, the Intentional Creativity coach uses her intuition to access her information in the moment, in the space between the two of you or the group. There is a embodiment and access to information - one that has been practiced. If you had a plan and it starts to change, without letting the client dominate but allowing them to lead, be willing to shift how you are working. Because you have tools, you can do this easily - navigating between different kinds of processes designed to open the client to themselves.

Threaded Teachings: We are integrated with our own content and are prepared to offer teachings to our clients . We offer thematic teachings we return to again and again. The teachings we curate and develop support us as a coaches in being able to bring our client to an important choice point that changes the choice cascade.

Insight Challenging: We offer Insight Challenging to our clients with an insight drawn from our experience in the session so far OR inviting the client to come up with an insight that causes them to stretch. We also invite the client to arrive at an insight which causes them to grow based on what they have drawn from the session so far. We provide an opportunity for our clients to stretch into a new area of growth. We recognize that our clients are coming to coaching to have someone with insight witness them and offer an Insight Challenging.

Re-framing Stories: We are able to determine what part of our client's story needs a new view. We invite our clients to see and claim a new perspective, which allows their personal narrative to shift. We offer them new and alternative perspectives and points of view, knowing there isn’t a ‘right’ perspective, but rather allowing the client to see alternate views of the ‘same old story’. We believe that a new frame allows the client to choose in the moment what will empower them the most to move towards their desired outcome.

Somatic Sensing: We invite our client to tune in and share how something feels in their body. We allow, at times, for the the body to direct what comes next, and see this as valuable session guidance. We encourage our clients to have a trusting awareness of what their body is revealing, reminding them that our body sensations rarely lie and, more often than not, have much wisdom to reveal to us.

Inner Wisdom: We believe that our own Inner Wisdom as well as our client’s Inner Wisdom will be one of the most powerful tools in the coaching process. We bring Intentional Creativity to our clients to support them in accessing this Inner Wisdom, as it is one of the most direct access points. We know from experience that once Inner Wisdom is activated, it can spark a field of mutual intuition - a space in which we are igniting each other’s inner wisdom.

Future Focused: We are committed to guiding our clients forward. We know that while past experiences may have informed how our client currently views themselves, in Intentional Coaching we are Future Focused. This means we only look at the past in terms of its connection to what is preventing them from moving forward into the present. We look at the blocks to the future they want to create instead of why things are the way they are now. By doing so, we are constantly supporting our clients in being able to create and move into the future they deeply desire, while experiencing their present in a fuller way.

I believe Intentional Creativity Coaching is different from traditional coaching because it actually gets you out of your head. It is an embodied experience where taking action is part of the process. The process goes beyond talking and you leave with tangible evidence to explore. Intentional Creativity Coaching is a shared experience which makes it very different from traditional coaching. ~ Elsie Chang, Intentional Creativity Coach and Teacher

Motherboard Curriculum

The Motherboard Curriculum will be delivered in experiential multimedia modules. This is a more linear overview of what we will be exploring and the content we will be diving into. You will experience it yourself, then learn how to bring the experience to your clients. Mostly, the work takes place within yourself, and by connecting your inner and outer worlds through drawing, writing, thinking, being, practicing, conversation, and trying on the concepts. Many of these overlap and don’t respond well to the linear flow because they are intersecting more than a hierarchy, yet this allows our left brains to be satisfied.  

This will be achieved through visual journaling, creative process, video teachings, and dialogue. They will be presented in a step-by-step path, leaving room for the great mystery! ALL RESULTS will be achieved through creative action and your awareness of that action as it is happening in real time via your observer.  

While we will be working directly with your story, who you have been being, we will only be visiting this story relative to where you are going. We won’t be digging up all the old baggage and re-organizing the contents one more time. Rather we will only be looking at those features of the story that prevent you from inhabiting your chosen desires. Chances are you have already done a lot of this work - but have you done it in IMAGE, WORD and COLOR? Can you SEE your results, point to them, revisit them again and again, or is it just an awareness of having done the work? Awareness is awesome, and our curriculum truly dives into that as our first module. But...have you been creative with your process of becoming, in form? Meaning you ‘made something with your hands?’ THIS MEANS YOU EMBODY IT IN REAL TIME, PHYSICALLY and ENERGETICALLY so it is happening on a lot more levels than just mental!  



BECOMING AWARE: Identifying and breaking free of constraints and discovering how to use your voice.  

SELF AWARENESS: Who Am I? Who is doing this thinking/seeing/being? 

CONTEXTUAL AWARENESS: Where Am I? (this body, this earth, this frame, this environment)

RELATIONAL AWARENESS: What are my relationships/responsibilities?

COSMIC AWARENESS: What is my connection to the divine/universe/unknown?  


QUANTUM CREATIVITY: Discovering how to be at cause through liberating yourself and discovering how to use your mind.  

CALLING CHOICES: What is mine to do in my life and how do I do it?  

AUTHORSHIP CHOICES: How much self agency do I really have?  

MANIFESTATION CHOICES: How do I bring ideas (consciousness) into matter/form?  

CONSCIOUS CHOICES: How do I create quantumly?  


INTEGRATING SELVES: Discover the specific facets of the self that leads to conscious intentional choice to integrate those facets.  

SELF DISCOVERY: Creating alignment between soul, body, self, mind and field using the imagination and 'practicing' integration.

POWER DISCOVERY: Initiating intentional choice and getting familiar with the concept of the 'imprensiva'  

HEALING DISCOVERY: Work with affirmations specific to the many facets of the self to create a more embodied way of being. 

WHOLENESS DISCOVERY: Connecting your inner and outer selves, cosmos and earth, soul and body.


PRACTICING the FIELD: Begin to explore how you can tune into the field in your work for greater cognition.  

PRACTICING BEING HUMAN: Develop the awareness of your client as a whole human being and treat them that way.

PRACTICING INTUITION: Discover how you can bring your intuition into your coaching sessions in a truly authentic way.  

PRACTICING the IC PATTERN: Look at the skills in context with the IC Coaching Pattern and how they fit into the flow you are using.  

PRACTICING INQUIRY: Begin to make a list of your own Powerful Questions and FOCUSED Inquiries that can lead your client to a breakthrough.  

METACOGITIVE DRAWING CHOICES: Explore the choices of how you will work with drawing in your sessions.  


INVOKING WONDER: A fresh view that is Muse Infused - one that can be provocative and inspiring.  

INVITING YOUR CLIENTS INTO POWERFUL INQUIRY: Asking powerful questions that are designed to catalyze access.  

COCREATING WITH YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS: Becoming accountable to the idea that you can be co-creative with your own consciousness. How does it work and how you can you deepen your capacity.  

AWAKENING BY CHOICE: Recognizing that consciousness is ours to embody and curate. Doing what you can to become awake by choice and invite others to the same.  

WORKING WITH YOUR WAY OF SEEING, LISTENING THINKING and BECOMING: Experiencing this through inquiry and metacognitive drawing.  

EXPLORE THE FIVE SACRED INQUIRIES FOR SELF-AWARENESS THROUGH INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY: Capacity, Structures, Coherency, Cocreation, and Authorship DEVELOP A TEACHING: You are invited to develop a teaching that can be shared with your clients. Work from a place of invoking WONDER.  


CURATING CONSCIOUSNESS: Intentional Creativity in its purest form - providing people ways to work with themselves to be able to see what is hidden  

UNDERSTANDING WHAT IT MEANS TO BE 'AWAKE': Being self-aware to the point that your soul allows you to be at this time.  

LIVING AT THE 'QUIVERING EDGE' OF AWAKENING: Developing YOUR awareness of YOU, feeling the change in your body and energy  

BEING AT CAUSE FOR THE AWAKENING OF OTHERS: Moving from your own awakening to supporting others in seeing what they haven't been seeing  

HOLDING A COLLABORATIVE FIELD and FLOW: Empowering you to be conscious enough to be available to what arises in the moment with a client - with access to your resources or invention on the spot.  

UNVEILING INSIGHT: Working through IC to quicken or stir access to the unconscious 'unknown' parts 


SENSUAL SOMATICS: Connecting and consulting with the body and its senses in the IC coaching process  

CURATING SENSUAL ENVIRONMENTS: Designing your coaching space and sessions to honor your clients sensual nature.  

OFFERING RITUAL TO IGNITE THE SENSUAL: Creating rituals that invite your clients more deeply into their somatic sensing and intuitive body.  

INQUIRY DRAWING: Using metacognitive drawing as a coaching tool in response to your client's body language.  

INTUITIVE DRAWING: Guiding the client into feeling states and a future orientation through guided visualization and metacognitive drawing.  

I AM HERE STROKES: Inviting your client to be here NOW - experiencing themselves as fully PRESENT.


QUANTUM CONNECTION: Understanding the Red Thread as the talismanic symbol of quantum connection.  

SENDING and RECEIVING: Understanding the consciousness and science of quantum connection and what happens when we intentionally send and receive  

METACOGNITIVE DRAWING: Working with metacognitive drawing to explore your inner intelligence and awareness of quantum connection.  

COHERENCY THROUGH INTENTION: Recognizing the way intention activates coherency in the mind/body/heart/field. 


STORY MAPPING: Finding new ways to process our stories through image and a new pleasure focus. 

PLEASURE BEFORE PAIN: Introducing a new lens for viewing 'story' work, with a focus on how we want to feel and what is possible instead of past trauma. 

PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE: Discovering how to move your client out of old painful stories, and toward future possibilities with metacognitive drawing. 

METAPHOR MATTERS: Recognizing the power and usefulness of working with emergent metaphors that come through in coaching sessions. 

SALON with SHILOH SOPHIA and KATHERINE: Hear what Katherine has to say about putting thoughts and forms on the page - making them an object so you can be objective about them!  


Writing Project - Write your own MANIFESTA inviting your facets to come together - Shared about in the Module video. 

Mini-Series of Videos: 

  • SEEKING REAL STRAWBERRIES: Additional talks on the topics explored
  • CREATIVITY AND THE BRAIN - Interview with Jonathan McCloud 

“...a lot about what triggers a creative mode as opposed to an uncreative mode is situational. The creative mode is called for in contexts that are unclear, vague and open-ended. The opposite is true of the uncreative mode. And so the uncreative mode involves walking firmly along the "path of least resistance" through the black-and-white zone of the expected, the obvious, the accurate or the efficient. Whereas the creative mode involves turning away from the path of least resistance and venturing into the briars so to speak in an effort to forge a new path through the gray zone of the unexpected, the vague, the misleading or the unknown.” 

~ The Neuroscience of Creativity: Anna Abraham