Founders & Faculty

We have assembled a diverse team of faculty and support staff to assist you throughout your Motherboard journey.

You do not walk alone!


Shiloh Sophia  

 Jonathan McCloud

Shiloh Sophia McCloud has been working in the arts and education field since 1994. She teamed up with her partner in business and in life, Jonathan McCloud to combine online education, as well as travel and cuisine to the collection of offerings. Together the two founded Mothership Inc. in 2016 and the Intentional Creativity Foundation in 2017, a 501c3. MUSEA is the over-arching brand for their collective projects and communities, including MOTHERBOARD.

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Amber Gould, Intentional Creativity Editor

Amy Ahlers, Director of Coaching 

Annette Wagner, Guest Teacher

Chatelle Jeram: Guest Teacher

Dina Tibbs, Core Faculty

Elsie Chang, Guest Teacher

Jenafer C. Owen, Director of Curriculum

Jeri Brady, Finance Manager

Julie Steelman, Core Faculty

Katherine Torrini, Core Faculty

Lauren Weatherford, BIPOC Community Faculty

Mary MacDonald, Lead Coach

Sarah Mardell, MUSEA Communications Director

Semerit Strachan, BIPOC Community Faculty

Uma Joy, Community Faculty

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Intentional Creativity Faculty

The Intentional Creativity Guild is made up of women who have done their own work, completed the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity teacher training, and are committed to bringing this work to their communities. The faculty and staff of MOTHERBOARD : Intentional Creativity Method Coaching Certification are drawn from the Guild membership.

The GUILD is a community of graduates in organic inquiry together about our work, both personally and professionally. It is a circle which creates a crucible for our wisdom, success, resources, collaborations, movement and potential. The focus of our guild is to gather around creating and supporting intentional creatives, women creatives.