A message from Shiloh Sophia

Welcome from Intentional Creativity® Co-Founder

Dear One, ​  

If you long to make a difference in the lives of those you are serving, then you are in the right place to gain access to fresh material.

Our coaching curriculum demonstrates how to make knowledge visible and how to think in new and exciting ways. As part of your discovery process you will alter the way you think, see, listen, and work. After practicing, you will bring those insights to your clients and further enhance their outcomes. The material is relevant individually and in groups, online or in person.  

Is it possible for consciousness to be chosen or called forth? What do you think?  

Those of us with generous hearts to heal the world often seek to uplevel our own information.​ ​​We continually want to help and evolve our capacities. Our desire for wisdom is insatiable!​

The healers of the world are innovating right on the edge of the paradox, passion, and possibility! This is an exciting time in an emergent field where science, creativity, and spirit are dancing together​ in co-creation.​  

The philosophy behind this material is my joy! If we start when my love affair with text and image began, that will take us back to my childhood. Then, as a young woman in my twenties, I created my first book, Color of Woman: an illustrated journal. As an artist, teacher, and coach I have been devoted to bringing image into our hands to tell stories for 25 years. Our lineage, spanning back to the 1930s, is rooted in the power of image and language being employed to communicate the potency of ideas central to human beings.  

Love is inherent in the desire to 'coach' one another which is why it is time to bring it into the world of Intentional Creativity. To encourage others to arrive at their own place of discovery is an act of loving in action. I am called to gather those who know it is their charge to bring their gifts to the world!  

In MOTHERBOARD, our Intentional Creativity approach holds that each person carries their own medicine. Some of us have the special assignment to guide others to remember that medicine and to put it to good use.  

The name, 'MOTHERBOARD' is a metaphoric bridge between inner and outer awareness. This bridge acknowledges that you have your own unique information that we call your source code. It sounds fancy, right? Really it is quite simple, and it is a playful way to work with personal story and the human experience.  

I'm inviting you to add this method to your already robust tool box, magic purse, and medicine basket. By doing so, you can expand how effectively you work when you start including the right and left brain, the heart, energy psychology, creative practice, and intuition. We often hear that those who are called to work with us, 'feel it in their body', 'know it in their heart' or 'have been waiting for this'

By becoming a member of Motherboard, you enter into a circle of women who are high level, innovative creative beings. Surrounding yourself with these minds is going to take you somewhere you could not go alone. If this voyage calls to you...I look forward to riding the experience with you. Let's make the invisible, visible!" With so much gratitude for those of us bringing this work to our beloveds!

Meet your Motherboard Faculty!