Inclusivity and Collaboration

Our work through Intentional Creativity® aims to support our community in navigating our world with resilience, compassion and awareness.

Motherboard Intentional Creativity Coaching Method is powerful in its capacity to awaken us to what we haven't been seeing. As we awaken, we begin to heal and transform both ourselves and the collective, and we can step into powerful collaboration with one another across a spectrum of experiences and identities.

Red Thread Circle in Paris ~ photo by Brunehilde Yvrande

At Musea we are passionate about women in the arts having their stories and art shared. Many hands, many lands, many voices. We believe that women's voices and images are what is needed to create equality and justice in the systems for humanity. In all areas of Civil Rights women and people of color are the least represented voices at the table. Those who do speak up often do so at their own expense, finding themselves threatened, denounced and often at the impact of violence.

While no one can guarantee a truly safe space, at Musea we hope to be a space of invitation for a diversity of women's voices and the BIPOC community. Including having team members Lauren Adorno-Weatherford and Semerit Strachan as our BIPOC team for the Motherboard training and other Musea courses. Learn more here.

MOTHERBOARD is a Call for CONSCIOUSNESS. Consciousness leads the way to EQUITY and COLLABORATION.

We hold an ideal, based on experience that access to self expression, education and a supportive community empowers the possibility of becoming conscious and coherent. Conscious beings, by in large, naturally desire equity and inclusion on all levels. Moving beyond belief and bias and into the framework of human rights, civil rights and the right to be self expressed.

We believe, and indeed have experienced, that when someone becomes more conscious, they begin to care about themselves in such a way that caring for others is integral to their own well being. They see the world with new eyes and new conscious awareness of what is within them. From this place, interconnection and collaboration with one another across a spectrum of experience and difference becomes possible and integral to our lives.

We understand that there are systems in place which distort our relationship with ourselves, one another and earth. These systems can keep us from seeing who we are, seeing who other people are, and how change is possible in our world.

Motherboard Intentional Creativity Coaching Method training provides a supportive pathway for deeper access to consciousness which catalyzes individuals to identify how these systems of oppression impact us both internally and externally and how we may be complicit with them. From this place, we are more able to step into anti-oppression work and integrate it in our lives and communities.

When women become conscious, they naturally desire to include, care and practice compassion. While there is always work to do, the first level of waking up is accessible through intentional self expression and mapping and consciously curating our own Motherboard.

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Gathering the Tribes by Shiloh Sophia