See what our Motherboard Graduates and Intentional Creativity Teachers are saying about the power of Intentional Creativity in their lives and the lives of those they serve.

During our Online Zoom Graduation Ceremony for the 2019 Graduating class, we invited students to share about their Motherboard experience. Here are a few highlights from our graduates.

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"Much of what I have learned during the Motherboard Intentional Creativity® Coach Training has been methods to drawing out (pun intended) what is inside, outside, and in-between! I have grown in my understanding of my truth, meaning-making, and a great deal of relational context to the way I coach with the multiple facets of human beings.

I am excited to continue to use my imagination in conjunction with my research to provide women the insights into how they are showing up for themselves and in the world. My Voyager experience has mirrored life. I have struggled. I have been delighted. I have been challenged to go deep in a way that I have not done before. There is something about the reflection of what appears as you create that really opens a part of you that is quite interesting and imaginative.


~ Kami Pollvogt 2019 Motherboard Graduate

The Infinite Self: Voyager painting
by 2019 Motherboard Graduate, Kami Pollvogt

Our Motherboard Intentional Creativity Coach Training Graduates were asked, What makes you excited about this work? their answers are heartfelt and inspiring we believe you will agree!
Read them below

Everything about this Motherboard Intentional Creativity Coaching work is exciting to me. As I take the next steps, I take them without fear as I now have a coaching pattern to work with in order to guide people toward both self-expression and in living the life that they most deeply desire to live and to do so in abundant and transformational ways. I am excited about sharing my gifts of witnessing others, about doing the creative and intentional tools that I have to share, and about being a part of this amazing community of women! I claim my life, my freedom from social and cultural constraints, the whole and complete love of myself, the curation of my consciousness, and the ability to love and relate with others again from an aligned inner and outer self. I AM GRATEFUL and I FEEL GOOD! Thank all goodness!!!

~ Annie Maria Melzer

I DEEPLY appreciate the integrity, consciousness, and feminine way of talking about prosperity, business, and using art + creativity and the consciousness-raising tools y'all have put together here. It's been the most robust and transformational program I've ever done, and that's saying a LOT bc I think I've done almost all there is out there! ;)

~ Kris Prochaska

Motherboard training, while designed to train coaches, offers the knowledge and skills needed by everyone. With its emphasis on developing skills of visual language, intuitive processing, and active listening, it’s empowering and transformative to anyone who takes this course, whether they become coaches or not. There is a quote that says, “A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not in the branch, but in her wings.” Motherboard training gives you “wings” you can put your trust into!

~ Carol Fairbanks

What’s exciting to me about this work is the amazing process of Intentional Creativity and how powerful and life-affirming it can be. I love the accessibility of Intentional Creativity and Metacognitive drawing. This process can be a really vital tool in guiding my clients to access parts of themselves and their own internal wisdom, that would not come from a typical coaching “conversation.”

I am also excited that there is so much freedom and possibility in this work. That as a coach I can use my own intuition, knowledge, and experience to help guide the client, but that ultimately my goal is for them to access their own wisdom. I’m simply a guide. This helps me feel lighter in my role, versus being a psychotherapist (which I have been for over 15 years.) There is an aliveness and a freshness to this work, that feels very sustaining and positive. I can’t wait to develop my offerings and offer this to my current and future clients !!

~ Aimee Tomczak

This work excites me so very much because it gives language and validation to the work I have been called to create and share, but was previously unable to explain. I am so grateful for this content, that bridges the gap between mushy feely emotional work and science while also including the unexpected power of creativity, wrapped neatly in a sacred red thread container. This work…this content…this foundation…helped me zoom out and see that they are all pieces of one whole truth. I am beyond excited to share from a place of knowing and understanding the power of Intentional Creativity, to empower caregivers to heal themselves and recharge in order to give from a place of abundance.

~ Liz Chamberlain

Goodness, what ISN’T exciting about this work?! Every time I guide people (or myself am guided) through these processes, MAGIC happens. They are a true adventure into the unknown to unearth what lies hidden within the creative heart and soul. This IC stuff is deep healing work. Reclaiming these wounded, scarred, scared, fractured, fragmented, split parts of ourselves is absolutely necessary work for all humans to be doing on this planet. The art part of it makes the deep trauma work less traumatic ~ FUN even! I’m 100% here for it. It’s my purpose to guide people in this way.

~ Mara Belzer

[What excites me is ..] That I can bring all I feel to share as helpful knowledge in ONE service evolving the coaching 100% around Intentional Creativity® so that I can cover a broad range of topics with clients. Using imagination, poems, music, art... I hope it will give clients relief and joyful insights and strengthen their belief that life is indeed abundant and beautiful and that there is work to do to cherish this beautiful planet, starting with ourselves, our children, and our own environment and being clear on values and intentions and become inspiring leaders to those who need them.

~ Margaret Sap

[What excites me is ..] 1) The simplicity of this work - it is so accessible, anyone can do it! 2) The profundity of this work - is so deep because it touches on notions about how the universe works and is also based solidly on neuroscience and quantum physics. 3) The visionary beauty of this work - it is fun and, at the same time, brings about powerful shifts. Transformation does not have to be hard; it is possible to grow through play and creativity! I believe that, in time to come, this work will become more and more important with the acceleration of human consciousness.

~ Irene Chong

This work is exciting because it is fun and innovative while also very potent and effective. I feel held with the IC coaching pattern. I'm claiming that I have the key! I am claiming the driver's seat in my motherboard by taking command of my self-expression with fluid access to the tools and processes of Intentional Creativity Coaching

~ Holly Beall

[What excites me is ..] The transformation that people can have from accessing hidden spaces within themselves, moving energy from inside to outside. I've received confirmation on my purpose, community, and a few tools, that enliven my practice.

~ Anastasia Kutusheva

I have access to my own wisdom. I have deepened my dependence on my intuition. Yes. I study and I plan; but experience has taught me to be open and to listen for different ways of doing what I planned; and, to follow unspoken directions about what to do or not do. I have, also, deepened my understanding of how, we as humans, learn. I have new respect for folks who are quiet or who rarely speak. I now understand that they are in their silent period and much is happening that can’t be seen or shared.

- Barbara Lucas

Through this training I‘ve received more access to my gifts and a much clearer vision of how to put them to work as fierce compassion in the world. A world that is, in this moment, floundering in a pandemic, gripped by nearly universal post traumatic stress. I’ve formulated a new model I’m thrilled about for addressing anxiety. My 2nd client is on later this week. I was the first! I’m gestating some new ideas for helping those open to moving into the beyond-Covid world, more ready than before to deal with the newness of context and consciousness that seems inevitable values.

- Sue Boardman

What is exciting me to me about the Motherboard process, in a word, is that it works! It has powerful impact personally—in one’s own personal growth and creativity; and interpersonally in the capacity to work with clients. It is an energizing way to work with what previously might have felt heavy. It opens previously unattainable doors for people in terms of finding new creative answers to their dilemmas.

It creates more aha’s. It creates the impression of a concrete platform on which to work. It IS concrete and creates a concrete result, while at the same time allowing one to delve very deeply into abstract concepts and experiences. It brings out more confidence and energy in my own intuitive leanings and ideas.

In terms of working with clients, what excites me is that the drawing process makes it easier for the healing space to feel safe. It becomes more easily possible to be vulnerable. It creates more intimacy and closeness between coach and client since we are both sharing the vulnerable and revealing experience of drawing.

The coach and client are on a more even playing field— there is less hierarchy. This lessening of hierarchy has profound implications and potential for healing that are exciting to me."

- Semerit Strachan

This work provides me with a new way of being in my own life and in the lives of my beloved. The personal changes and growth that i have experienced are slowly becoming more recognizable to me each time i witness myself practicing spontaneously a tool. So, I am excited about sharing the essence of awakening that Motherboard provided me with to those in my world.

- Karen Schweitzer

For more than 5 years I have incorporated Intentional Creativity into my psychotherapy practice. Over the years I have witnessed firsthand its profound impact on regulating the nervous systems of those who are struggling with mental health issues. Sometimes when there has been an upset or a great wounding something in the Self wants to close off, or shut down.

Whether the patient finds themself spinning in anxiety, or spiraling down with depression, tending the images through drawing or painting helps one create context. They discover personal resolutions through the act of creating. I have observed patients transcending great suffering through the use of simple line drawing, activated with color and inquiry. For many, it is meaning-making beyond mental processing, it is more than the mind, its access to the deep wisdom of the imagination.

- Dr. Mary McCrystal, Intentional Creativity Teacher

With the discovery of Shiloh Sophia and her extraordinary vision of Intentional Creativity, I have plumbed the depths of my story, and rediscovered myself with a new inquiry using paint and canvas, visioning and writing...So now at the age of 80, I feel awake, alive, and vigorous! I’m so eager to share this transformative, life-affirming process with others.

- Sherle Stevens

I can emerge into my authentic self, my divine self is expressed, and as Shiloh and the Intentional Creativity team have gently and lovingly held my hand and walked me through a wonderful journey to do this, I know I will be able to do the same for others.

- Moana Whatu

Intentional Creativity has allowed me to journey this thing called life with a greater consciousness and awareness of the moments....and lessons of letting go of control and enjoying organic growth....being more intuitive and trusting that intuition....knowing that everything I need is within.....ooooh I love this stuff....there are not enough words to express how much it has done for me.

- Katie Rooney