Motherboard Tuition

Tuition Investment Overview

Before you explore tuition, we invite you to review the Curriculum and Delivery pages to understand what's included in the Training Investment.

*When you apply during Priority Enrollment, you receive $1,000 tuition savings over the Open Enrollment cost. We also have payment plans starting at just under $200 per month after your initial deposit. We even have a payment plan for the deposit! If you know you want to join us, we will do our very best to help you make it possible.

Here is an overview of tuition. If you have a question please contact

Motherboard: Intentional Creativity Coach Core Online Training | $6497 USD -- During Priority Enrollment, the tuition is $5,497 USD (you SAVE $1000!)

These deposits are deducted from the total amount.

  • Application Deposit | $100 USD
  • Training Deposit to enroll in the training | $1,397 (you can pay this amount in installments)
  • Remaining tuition after deposits = $4,000 and can be financed for up to 24 months @ $189/month.

Other costs involved are:

  • There is a $250 Certification fee due at the time you graduate and submit your required materials. This goes towards your Certificate, having your profile added to our website Directory, and matriculation into the Intentional Creativity Guild community.
  • Materials - you can start with the basics and add as you go.

Shiloh Sophia teaching United Archetype class at MUSEA in Sonoma, CA


We recognize Motherboard is a significant investment and want to make this as available as we can. Coaches and colleagues in the 'biz' told us to charge close to 10k for just the online delivery since it is not only the training, but a certification. 

Those who are already in a successful business will be able to make their investment back during the training by employing the tools with your clients as soon as you are ready. We will work with you to craft the language and the offer to bring your clients into the enthusiasm of this new direction.  Once someone begins doing work using image, they rarely want to go back… experiencing transformation visually amplifies our results and changes lives!

While this investment is a commitment in time and resources, you will likely be able to create a return on your investment in a short period of time. You might even launch your own group coaching program to cover the tuition...? Let's get creative! 

I've learned so much with Motherboard and Intentional Creativity Coaching, and I'm also learning so much about how to run a business, lead groups and teams. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you, this program, this AMAZING team, well, this whole experience... ~ Marnie Dangerfield, Intentional Creativity Coach

“I’ll tell you the secret to good teaching: make possible an experience without predetermining what that experience will be.

Teaching is not about filling students’ heads with knowledge; it is about helping them develop the ability to construct their own meaning.  

Part of teaching is helping people create themselves.” Identity is never fixed; we are always becoming". ~ Maxine Greene, Philosopher