Voyager Painting Series

We paint to document and process our MOTHERBOARD experience

We will be working on a large painting as part of our integration process throughout the Motherboard training. Our hope is that this painting is the backdrop behind your desk or work area - a cosmic mandala that is a place you work out your ideas of your Motherboard. Where you compost and process...  

You don't need any painting skills and this will be a wild ride into the unknown. We will be taking the curriculum concepts and adding them into the the painting. YOU WILL BRING YOUR MESSAGE, YOUR VISUAL KNOWLEDGE into COLOR, SHAPE, TEXTURE and STORY!

'8 Degrees of Freedom' Voyager painting by Shiloh Sophia created throughout the Motherboard 2019/20 journey

Here are screenshots of the video series you will receive in a time-released fashion over the course of the Motherboard training.

Voyager 1 - Frameworks

Voyager 2 - Reclamation + Clearing

Voyager 3 - Imprensiva

Voyager 4 - Transmission

Voyager 5 - Blooming

Voyager 6 - Illumination

Voyager 7 - Threshold

Voyager 8 - Freedom

I got my life back in a way I didn't know was possible. I am embracing more of who I am and what brings me joy through drawing and designing on paper and canvas. Playing with colour, mixing paints and applying them on canvas in the Voyager process has been a powerful inner journey. I have healthy, joyful new perspectives on prosperity and wealth-building.

Completing Motherboard has been a great permission slip for me to be creative in a way that I believed was not okay or allowed for so long. I have now accessed a whole new dimension of working with the clients I love to support and help by bringing in this accessible approach to discovering and exploring personal insights, to transform them into action and change! ~ Chatelle Jeram, Intentional Creativity Coach

Voyager painting 'Rebirth' by Motherboard graduate, Alyse Parise

Materials for this process are mainly canvas, acrylic paints and brushes.

View the materials page for more information.