When and Where?

Training Dates + Delivery

CATALYST by Shiloh Sophia. This painting came through after a bodywork session with Guild Member and Motherboard Graduate Uma Mulnick, who weaves Intentional Creativity into her healing arts practice. 

In a nutshell, here is how the training is delivered. Continue reading for further explanation. You are welcome to email sarah@musea.org if additional clarification is needed.

The core curriculum for the training is taught by Shiloh Sophia and delivered via downloadable video. Every Monday you receive an email with links to assignments and an overview of where we are to help you stay on track to graduate and become certified. This way you can book your study hours according to what works best for your schedule. We suggest around 4-5 hours each week (which includes zoom calls).

Nearly every week you have a live zoom call with Motherboard faculty, graduates and fellow students to deepen your learning, ask questions and share your journey. They alternate between masterminds and coaching labs. These calls happen on Thursdays at several different times to accommodate all timezones - mostly 12pm, 2pm and 4pm PT. While these calls are encouraged, you do not need to attend them all. We record calls with the exception of breakout groups or when personal shares are taking place.

Masterminds are an opportunity for students to connect on their journey and work with core teachers such as Director of Coaching, Amy Ahlers, Shiloh Sophia, and guest talent to enrich their Motherboard experience.

Peer-to-peer Coaching involves the practice of core competencies of IC coaching as applied to exercises presented in the modules. During the call, participants practice leading, receiving, and witnessing a coaching session. Each person will share their experience via feedback forms. 

In addition, coaching two practice clients throughout the training allows our participants to experience Intentional Creativity coaching in a “real” professional setting leading to insightful fieldwork prior to being certified. They learn to lead full coaching sessions and observe the benefits of IC coaching on their volunteer clients.

*New this year! Three half-day Workshops led by Sophie Michaud and guest faculty as deep dives into the content and practice of Intentional Creativity Coaching as well as community-building mini virtual retreats!

You also receive 24/7 access to our private classroom in the iMusea App for support, witnessing, and connection with your peers, staff, and graduates who have walked before you. The amount of love, guidance, and care you'll receive during Motherboard is unparalleled to any training we've come across of its kind.

If this structure works for you, the next step is to apply!

Let's explore the specifics so the left brain can relax...

Enrollment is OPEN. Upon acceptance of your application, you are invited to enroll in the Training and receive immediate access to the preparatory curriculum, as well as your materials list to prepare for our nine-month adventure.

We begin on March 1st 2022 and complete 9 months later at the end of November. You might be wondering "Do I have time for another training or class?" The answer is YES. Motherboard can be taken with your other courses and your full schedule in a few hours of focused time each week.

This material is experiential, not homework-based. And you will be invited to begin sharing what you learn with clients as soon as you are ready and competencies are met. Our hope is that you will add Intentional Creativity and visual knowledge skills right into your existing practice in real-time.

We have been delivering online classes since the beginning of online classes, starting in 2010. We have a very structured flow of information you can count on and also space for you to work through the curriculum at a pace that works for you.

  • Become a member of our community of innovative Intentional Creatives to journey together, and maximize the power of the collective mind!
  • Our curriculum is delivered in a multi-media rich format - Zoom, Video, PDF, and our private iMusea app.
  • The Teachings are rooted in Intentional Creativity & Metacognition, Facilitating Inquiry & Expanding Coaching Competency, Cultivating Mastery and Story Selling for Creatives.
  • 2 group calls a month with Shiloh Sophia or Core Faculty
  • 2 lab calls a month for peer to peer practice
  • 15 Motherboard Modules delivered via video
  • 2 Communications are sent weekly (approx)
  • 1 private online classroom in iMusea
  • 2 hours a week from YOU for your participation with the calls and material 
  • 2 hours a week for your new creative process and practice
  • Channels for collaborating, networking, connecting, and sharing your work
  • As many hours of practice a month with clients as you choose! (More on this when we talk about certification)
  • 5+ Intentional Creativity Guild teachers and coaches to support your process
  • Peer-to-peer groups in which you practice what you learn in real-time. You get to be the facilitator and student to refine your craft and explore in a safe container.
  • a self-paced practicum taking place every 5 modules to help you pace yourself through integrating and practicing the material

The video curriculum delivered during Motherboard is hosted on Vimeo. All video is downloadable to save to your device for permanent access, as well as to watch offline.

Community Circle and Support

To provide a more interactive and intimate experience, we use Zoom Technology for our weekly calls. You can join us via video or phone. Here's a photo from our Red Thread Guide Training. It's so great to SEE each other in our own environments! If you haven't used Zoom, it's very user-friendly and we will provide instructions.

Here is a photo from our June 2020 Online Graduation.

In 2019, we moved our private forums for our students off of Facebook and into a private app called iMusea. This is where you come to share your process, be witnessed and witness others. Intentional Creativity Guild members will be available for support.

Additional Curriculum provided by our Faculty

Visual Journaling with Katherine Torrini

Prosperity Series with
Julie Steelman

Half-Day Workshops with

Sophie Michaud

I loved learning from and observing participants of the course. I learned new methods, skills, and approaches in terms of coaching, business development, visual writing and thinking, and poetry. It was an informative and well-developed course with a wide range of information, practice, and extra perks! I enjoyed it tremendously. In addition to learning the skills, I feel I experienced some internal changes and growth that was deeply needed. ~ Anya Spark, Intentional Creativity Coach

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