When and Where?

Training Dates + Delivery

Catalyst by Shiloh Sophia. This painting came through after a bodywork session with Guild Member Uma Mulnick, who weaves Intentional Creativity into her healing arts practice. 

Let's explore the specifics so the left brain can relax...

The Priority Enrollment Cycle is open through July 23rd. This is the best time to apply, as you receive $1,000 tuition savings + 3 Zoom Salons with Shiloh Sophia + access to introductory material to begin preparing for this 6-month adventure!

We begin September 10, 2020 and complete 6 months later, in mid-February. You might be wondering "Do I have time for another training or class?" The answer is YES. Motherboard can be taken with your other courses and your full schedule in a few hours of focused time each week - it's true!

This material is experiential, not homework based. You will however, be invited to begin sharing what you learn with clients as soon as you are ready and competancies are met. The hope is that you will add Intentional Creativity and visual knowledge skills right into your existing practice in real time.

We have been delivering online classes since the beginning of online classes, starting in 2010. We have a very structured flow of information you can count on and also space for you to work through the curriculum at a pace that works for you.

  • Become a member of our community of innovative Intentional Creatives to journey together, and maximize the power of the collective mind!
  • The curriculum is delivered in a multi-media rich format - Zoom, Video, PDF and our private iMusea app
  • Teachings rooted in Intentional Creativity & Metacognition, Facilitating Inquiry & Expanding Coaching Competency, Cultivating Mastery and Story Selling for Creatives.
  • 1 call a month with Shiloh Sophia.
  • 3 calls a month for group masterminds with the Intentional Creativity Guild and your member co-hort from around the world.
  • 10 Motherboard Modules delivered via video
  • 2 Communications sent weekly (approx)
  • 1 Private iMusea online classroom 
  • 2 Hours a week from YOU for your participation with the calls and material 
  • 2 Hours a week for your new creative process and practice
  • Channels for collaborating, networking, connecting, and sharing your work
  • As many hours of practice a month with clients as you choose! (more on this when we talk about certification)
  • 5+ Intentional Creativity Guild teachers and coaches to support your process
  • Peer to peer groups in which you practice what you learn in real-time. You get to be the facilitator and student to refine your craft and explore in a safe container
  • Continue reading for additional curriculum provided by our Motherboard Faculty!  

The video curriculum delivered during Motherboard is brought to you by Vimeo. All video is downloadable to save to your device for continued access, as well as to watch offline.

Community Circle and Support

To provide a more interactive and intimate experience, we use Zoom Technology for our weekly calls. You can join us via video or phone. Here's a photo from our Red Thread Guide Training. It's so great to SEE each other in our own environments! If you haven't used Zoom, it's very user friendly and we will provide instruction.

Here is a photo from our June 2020 Online Graduation.

In 2019, we chose to move our private forums for our students off of Facebook and into a private app called iMusea. This is where you come to share your process, be witnessed and witness others. Intentional Creativity Guild members will be available for support.

Ready to apply? 

Additional Curriculum provided by our Faculty

Visual Journaling with Katherine Torrini

Inspired Inquiries with Jenafer Joy

Reclaiming Your Visual Language with Katherine and Shiloh Sophia

Receive immediate access to this series upon enrollment in the training!

Propserity Series with Julie Steelman

It’s time to unleash your coaching brilliance and earn an income. In this video series, Julie walks you step by step on how to create your prosperity plan. Learn how to know what is enough money for you and bring a renewed consciousness to your cash flow.

I loved learning from and observing participants of the course. I learned new methods, skills, and approaches in terms of coaching, business development, visual writing and thinking, and poetry. It was an informative and well-developed course with a wide range of information, practice, and extra perks! I enjoyed it tremendously. In addition to learning the skills, I feel I experienced some internal changes and growth that was deeply needed. ~ Anya Spark, Intentional Creativity Coach