Who This is For

Are you called to this work?

All the skills you, as a guide, healer, coach, therapist are already using weave directly to this approach. This is an expansion of your toolkit through bringing visual wisdom into the dialogue. When their imagination is activated, their capacity to see what they haven’t been able to see before, comes into view. Our training is rooted in the basics of nueroscience, visual language, design thinking, energy psychology, storytelling, metacognitive drawing/process and the intelligence of the heart. Sound juicy? It truly, wildly and wonderfully is!

While everyone can benefit from the power of Intentional Creativity, this curriculum is designed specifically for the helping, healing professional. 

This graphic was created by Intentional Creativity Teacher, Lori Danyluk, who is a graphic recorder and Artist. How cool would it be to share an image like this with your client, or have them create one for themselves to work through whatever they might be going through?


  • You know yourself as a person who has clients, customers, patients, or students.
  • You choose to spend your life energy growing your own self-awareness and that of others.  
  • You resonate with the soul-level experience of another’s breakthrough.  
  • You see the world HEALED through raising the consciousness of the planet.  

This Training is for Storytellers, Coaches, Healers, Teachers, Therapists, Managers, Speakers, Storytellers, Artists, Team Leaders, Medicine Women, Sages, Bodyworkers, Nurses, Doctors, Pastors, Consultants and Helping/Healing Professionals, Designers, Graphic Recorders, Facilitators, Visual Practitioners, Energy Psychologists, Circle Leaders, and Guides of every modality.  

Can you imagine this?

See yourself, instead of just talking or writing, using a board with colored markers, or a template, or your iPad, to make your point or lead a process. Imagine the client, with their eyes widening in AHA! Imagine a big smile on their face, because they can ‘see’ what is happening. This seeing provides a new language for things they could not conceptualize before.  

Then they pick up the pen and begin to work. Then YOU can see what is happening for them in their inner world. Then you give them the tools so they can do the work.

Visual graphic recording by Katherine Torrini using an iPad during a call with Shiloh Sophia. She was drawing as a way to process what Shiloh was teaching.

Here's Intentional Creativity Teacher and Creative Catalyst, Katherine Torrini, who has a business based in Graphic Recording, Visual Thinking & Creative Coaching. She travels the world drawing real-time, mural-sized, infographics at conferences, talks and corporate events, where these spontaneous visuals mesmerize viewers, activate creative problem solving and unlock the wisdom of the room. Pretty cool don't you think?!  

Katherine is an Intentional Creativity teacher, and co-teacher on our MOTHERBOARD faculty team and will be sharing teachings during our training as well as co-facilitating the Sacred Scribe in person gathering.  

Shiloh Sophia and Katherine Torrini teaching a video class on Visual Language, part of the Motherboard Curriculum

Here are a few images from Katherine in her role as Graphic Recorder during the Motherboard Class.

Learn WHAT Motherboard is all about

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.  

A human being is part of a whole, called by us the "Universe," a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest -a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us.  

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty…” ~Albert Einstein 

I have used energetic healing modalities for years and have always educated my clients about energy, and their energy field and body. Through the Motherboard modules, I have a deeper appreciation of the field, much more than what I have learned before. When I share with my clients the meaning of the red thread, I believe it opens their understanding of the field, it’s an introduction to it, and I build on this each time we meet. The red thread is also a reminder for me of the quantum field. Before each client session, I always set the sacred space which I believe affects the field when my client is in the office, as well as what they see and feel over telehealth – the video office space. ~ Jennifer Krumm, Intentional Creativity Coach

We are looking to work with those who truly care about others but are also interested in their own growth potential!  

You might have been wondering how you could make your work more impactful, unique and fun while simultaneously deepening your client’s ability to access their truth and step fully into their beingness. You might also be curious about how you can distinguish what you do so your potential clients can easily recognize you. Imagine what would be possible if there was a new technology using image, word, color, and inquiry that would give you access to your unique source code as a transformational healer/leader? What if that source code could be the game changer for you, your business, and the key to increasing your client’s success rate?

The images, words and colors the client chooses will tell a story that you will be able to help them decipher. They will help you intuitively direct the course of your approach, how you hold space, and the outcomes that are produced. Your presence is catalytic and supportive and also helps to amplify the field in which they are accessing information.  

If you have been looking to up-level your offering or define a leading-edge distinction for yourself as a change-maker and increase efficiency and results for your clients, Intentional Creativity Coaching WILL create that. With over 25 years of experience with tens of thousands of clients and hundreds using this method in their coaching approach, we know it works.

Further, in consideration of the state of the world, employing things that will de-stress the client and the container/conversation are critical. When they are ‘wound up’ the responses they generate come from that place, a brain that is shut down, in fight or flight, and physically unable to access good decision making, creativity, etc.. When they are centered, the way they communicate shifts to deeper levels of self awareness.  

Drawing by Graphic Recorder, Katherine Torrini

Just a few minutes of our metacognitive drawing and inquiry can CHANGE the way your clients are feeling, and therefore expressing themselves. It impacts the progress you are able to make, and the exceptional results they get.  

Our invitation is to join us to experience the work yourself. You will be able to share it with those you serve almost immediately. We will show you how.  

Does this sound like you?  

  • Your time with clients requires a LOT of energy. Thus, you’re burned out and have no time for other priorities in your life. 
  • Your life force isn’t available for other things you wish to pursue. 
  • You feel like you give and give but your clients aren’t having the breakthroughs you hoped for
  • Your clients struggle with implementing what you teach them during sessions
  • You want to uplevel your offerings, increase your impact, pricing and saleability. 
  • You are craving something new, but what?  

Together we will work with everything from the brain and the heart. Perhaps most of all, this experience is exciting, because we will be learning through having fun, through play and pleasure! We will be inviting your Muse to lead the voyage and find new ways to work with your story that you haven’t considered before. When our bodies, minds, hearts, and brains experience play, our capacity to think in complex patterns increases, and right and left brain are activated!  

Intentional Creativity Coaching will be a voyage in Consciousness and Creativity bringing the next generation of power tools into the hands of the Helpers. This experiential training is designed to catalyze your intuition, self agency and awareness, and your unique ways of knowing. Bringing mindfulness into form through creating with intention grants you access to your own information. 

Inspired to put Intentional Creativity to use in your Practice?

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