Why Awareness Matters

5 Layers of Expanded Consciousness

Are you ready to explore Curating Consciousness? 

Do you think it is possible to CHOOSE a pathway to awakening? 

This matters because we want to be in circles where people are awake, can make informed choices rooted in justice, equality, care and innovation. This matters because you and who you are matters. This matters because our world needs voices who are informed, compassionate and ready to offer their gifts.  

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.” ~ Alice Walker 

Do you think someone needs to have their own ‘mountaintop’ or ‘meltdown’ experience to come into consciousness?  

What if YOU could be that person for them? This is step-by-step waking up. If the client is open and desirous of waking up this will take them a good distance into self awareness. 

Pause for a moment and see yourself with one of your Beloved clients...then imagine yourself being able to give them the tools and experiences to WAKE themselves up. There is a lot of joy in being empowered to call others into self empowerment. 

We didn’t invent the language of image - it’s the oldest known form of communication, and on display everywhere you look from ancient hieroglyphs to modern marketing and social media. You use image and word all the time. BUT - many of us have been hindered from using it because ‘talent’ was a barrier to entry. What we are talking about has nothing to do with art based on talent, but it does have to do with willingness to engage in design thinking.  

Drawing by Graphic Recorder, Katherine Torrini

Without the ability to think about yourself, to reflect on your life, there’s really no awareness, no consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t come automatically; it comes through being alive, awake, curious, and often furious. Maxine Greene, Philosopher

Here’s a word from our founder, Shiloh Sophia:  

“Underneath this language, is my desire to be free. And to have those around me free. Freedom within is a state we can cultivate, but we have to know the context in which we are living in and from. Our Motherboard holds the codes of what we think, believe, know and hold to be true. We aim to get that information conscious so we can work with it and move it around. It is quite malleable, like the brain - we can be so co-creative with it…  

If you long to make a difference in the lives of those you are serving, then you will be in the right place for gaining access to fresh material. This material makes a huge difference in the lives of those you love to give to. Serving others is a calling...and this call often keeps us motivated to reach and learn new things. 

Those of us with generous hearts to heal the world often seek information we can share with our clients and our beloveds. This experience will give you the next level of insight both you and your clients may be seeking.  

When someone asks me to tell them what this course is about, I find myself saying it is a hybrid between coaching training, shaman school, and a playdate with the muse.  

I have long been invested in ‘how we curate consciousness’, we have so much more power than we know…” 

CODEX: 2019 yearlong work in progress by Shiloh Sophia and over 100 women around the world

“Metacognition research concerns the processes by which people self-reflect on their own cognitive and memory processes (monitoring) and how they put their metaknowledge to use in regulating their information processing and behavior (control)” ~ Asher Koriat 

I feel invigorated and finally ready to offer group programs consistently, which I have wanted to do in the past, BUT did a few and then stopped. I love SCRIBING and have been drawing and meditating every morning. The drawing includes a message as well as the image.I love using visuals with my private clients. Either I draw or they draw as I bring them through metacognitive processes. Also, I’m testing out processes for my group program with my private clients first, which is wonderful. Creativity is at my core and I welcome it back with open arms and an open heart. ~ Alyse Parise, Intentional Creativity Coach

Five Levels of Benefit

There are five levels of benefit from the Intentional Creativity experiences. As far as we know, but there are likely many more! You will be going through the process and doing your own work at a new level with image and word. Even when you think you have already done your work, you are always changing and you haven't done it like this.. When you add the word image into your lexicon, it changes the access you have to your own information. Often in the MOMENT, as a download, while you are 'thinking with a pen'.

  • The FIRST level is your own experience of having an expanded framework, increased access to your own content, information and sensual input. You will develop a colorful lexicon of tools you can use in your sessions.
  • The SECOND level is that your clients will benefit from what you learn because you can easily pass it on and begin using it with them in your work together.  
  • The THIRD level is that THEY will be able to use the tools for themselves, even when they are not in a session with you. You have empowered them.
  • The FOURTH level is that as we make these kinds of fundamental changes, our family and community benefits automatically. All of those around us are impacted by those who awaken. And then some of us, call others to awaken!
  • The FIFTH level is that the world as a whole benefits from conscious beings, waking up. Since we know everything is connected, truly connected, then everything we do to serve and create good in the world benefits the whole.  

Key in our training is the awareness of being - and the context in which you are being. The ‘framework’ in which you experience life, where you come from. In our community we hold true the idea that being aware of your context, where you are truly living in your own mind and story is part of the journey towards liberation. Our first year of programing has an emphasis on identifying where you live, who you are, what you believe, what your super powers are and how you can use them to live out your fullness.  

You are developing yourself in such a way that you can create an expanded container for your clients as you expand your own awareness.

Why is this important to your work? 

What if your clients could show what was REALLY going on?

What is happening for them in their inner world?  

Often our known insights through language don’t give us a true depiction of what is going on, ‘underground.’ Working with image, language, color, and inquiry can give them the WAY to share what is happening for them. And at the same time, the process reduces stress within 5 minutes. YOU become the witness of the journey using your gifts and intuition not to tell them what’s wrong or what to do, but to invite them to arrive at their own conclusions. It is time for a change.

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A video from Shiloh's Journal while in Italy, sharing visual knowledge